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Career path

In our company you can develop your skills and your careerI
"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."
John Smith
Intern Designer

Make your Experience

Ever wondered if your current career path is the right one? There can be a big discrepancy between the career you thought was a good fit for you and the career that is actually right for you.

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skills and abilities

Let’s talk about skills and abilities? This must be a problem to become a successful entrepreneur.

After all, to get there, it isn’t enough to have a good idea. The path is much longer and hard.

Dealing with all this isn’t easy. And that’s why it’s necessary to know and develop skills and abilities.

They can bring you closer to your goals in any department.

It’s not technical aspects that come into this account, but also behavioral.

There are several qualities required to efficiently meet highly dynamic and competitive market expectations.

Developing skills and abilities is also paramount to better addressing personal and professional challenges in life.

There are some that are essential for every entrepreneur.

How it works

To complete this, I wanna know something: 

–> The company organization is It right and complete?

–> What can we think about next year? Are the any chance to grow? Are new positions coming up? 

–> Listening your employers, Is there expectation to grow?

–> About what I did, can we do more ou put another careers? 




* Invest in google and facebook ads.
But inside this, don't show just the product and services. We can show more to our customers.

* A company must show more content than services and product. There's studies that 20% of the customers come back or buy in stores because of de ads about products. They like to learn about the products, some ideas about IT.
In this page from linkedin, we can see somes ideias. It's in Portuguese, but you can see some ideas: https://www.linkedin.com/company/diferencialti/

* We can put online attendance, like an user answering on website.

The It square needs to target customers:
I saw in some documents, that linkedin is the best to do this. Its more expensive, but we have good results. Because you can find some customers inside the company, for exemplo: In a big pharmacy probably there's a IT working, and he is our customers. he will buy our products and services.